Kyle Pitt's Portfolio
Graphics and Design | Chattahoochee High School

Breadth Portfolio

My portfolio this year has been a collection of various styles.  My Breadth works are my first real graphic design portfolio and this shows in my work.  I would personally gives my AP Breadth portfolio a 4.  While there are a few pieces in this portfolio that are some of my better works, the entire portfolio lacks the strength of a great or excellent score.  No doubt, my portfolio is still good in that it contains works that utilize a variety of principles of design and are original.  A strong point in my portfolio is my use of color.  In each of my Breadth pieces I was able to formulate a pleasing color scheme to take control of the design.  One disappointment in my portfolio is the range of quality.  If works in the portfolio were to be scored individually there would be some that I believe would be scored as excellent.  On the other hand, pieces such as the R2D2 design, would not be as deserving.  On a more positive note, although a few of my designs do not possess much intellectual matter, they are each pleasing to the eye.  In my opinion, this portfolio is deserving of a 4 out of 6.


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