Kyle Pitt's Portfolio
Graphics and Design | Chattahoochee High School

Breadth 5 Research and Inspiration

My favorite movie is Toy Story.  The theme of this movie is believe in yourself and follow your dreams.  The story is about a kid’s toys and the adventure they go on.  Andy seems to replace his favorite toy, Woody, with a new toy, Buzz Lightyear.  Woody tries to get rid of Buzz and then tries to get him back when he regrets his decision.  The underlying theme of the story is adjusting to changes.  Sid is a crazy kid who messes with toys.  I see Buzz Lightyear standing in the spotlight and taking up most of the page standing there dominantly.  Woody is standing behind Buzz trying to be noticed and Woody looks upset.  The color are sad but bold.  I am going to make a design that is focused on the scene where Buzz jumps off the balcony, falls, and breaks his wing.  In this scene, Buzz realizes he is a toy and this is important to the plot.


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