Kyle Pitt's Portfolio
Graphics and Design | Chattahoochee High School

Intro to Graphics and Design Portfolio


Over the past year in Intro to Graphics and Design, I have begun to develop my own style of art.  My style started to take shape as I worked on designs in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.  So far, the elements of my style are subtly expressed throughout my works.  One distinct aspects that represents my style is simplicity.  I create designs that are not loaded with infinitesimal details.  Another distinct aspect that represents my style is cleanness.  I try to keep the elements in each of my designs clean-cut and well-rounded.  I avoid creating designs with rigid or intertwined elements. The third distinct aspect that represents my style is balance.  My designs contain elements that are arranged in ways that provide a sense of equilibrium.

Overall, I believe all of the works in my portfolio are average in quality, but do not compare to the best designs I can create. There are many ways I could improve my design style though. I do not utilize color in some designs as well as I do in others. By this I mean that I spend more time on choosing just the right colors for my designs. Another area I could improve on is originality. This is a difficult thing to improve in this class because the designs I create are based on specific criteria that limits my ability to put whatever I want into a design. I believe that managing my time better on assignments will help me improve my originality. If I had to name one strength  in my works, it would be creativity. I try to make designs that are different and unusual and stand out from other designs. In this class, the most challenging thing for me was creating my designs under a deadline. I would always spend ample amounts of time fine-tuning my designs and trying to make them just right that I often worked right up to the moment they were due. I am proud of almost all of my works but if I had to choose the one I am the most proud of it would be my “Elbow Grease” design. There is something about this design that makes it stand out from my others and that is why I am most proud of it.  My main goal for future design is to become more passionate about my designs.  When I create a design that I do not care much about, it shows.

In conclusion, I am creating a style that is unique to me and in the process of developing that style, I have created designs that I am pleased with and designs that could be better.  It is all a learning experience that is only making me a better graphic designer.


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