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The Influence of Current Trends on Type

There will always be a new cluster of fast-moving trends that touch societies for periods of time and then continue on, occasionally leaving behind some lasting impressions.  While a trend is making it’s impact, many aspects of life are subject to change.  The things we see on TV, what we hear at school, what we see on the internet, and even what we choose to talk about can all be driven by current fads.  A significant factor that contributes to the spread of trends and quite possibly the basis of a trend itself is type.  Type is what allows language to be communicated visually with a certain specificity.  Type is constantly being manipulated and modified to snatch the attention of a society that is always looking for new things to amuse them, intrigue them, and inspire them.  The trends that dominate a time play a huge role in the way type is utilized.

The title letters used on a magazine cover featuring a article on a dangerous new drug will be serious.  A poster in a store window is advertising a new series of collectible bracelets with a font that is decorative and fun.  Different kinds of typography can create all sorts of feelings in a design.  By looking at the present trends and using type in a way that will be emphasized by those trends, a design can be incredibly more effective.  This is why type is continuously being changed and refined, because in order to have something seen, it must fall into line with the most recent trends.  Some examples of type being used in new and attention-grabbing ways are below.


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